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December 13th 2023

Our Shakespearettes

Young Shakespeare at the Junior School 

On Thursday 2 November, the Young Shakespeare Company put on a splendid interactive production of Shakespeare's famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet for Year 3 - 6 pupils. Many pupils were asked to participate, doing so beautifully, and all were enchanted by the breathtaking story of determination, love and fate of those star-crossed lovers. Members of the audience familiar with the play agreed it was a wonderful re-enactment, using costume, music and humour. Those who were new to the tragedy chuckled at the irony of how Romeo and Juliet met, groaned at the plot twisting events that lead to Romeo's banishment and despaired at how the pair died, acknowledging the clever twists, turns and loops the story took. The participating pupils were excellent in their roles and really helped to bring the story to life! 

Written by 'The Shakespearettes' at Junior School

Senior students bring Macbeth to the Juniors 
Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a fantastic performance of Macbeth by our Year 8 and 9 students as they rehearsed in preparation for the Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival at Greenwich Theatre. Our Senior students put on a compelling and creative performance of Macbeth, using a talented cast and incorporating a chorus with clever symbolism and dramatic representation to add depth and nuance to a dramatic recreation. Our Year 5 and 6 girls were not only inspired by the live performance, but also excited to receive a sneak peek at what lies ahead for them in Drama at the Senior School! 


Macbeth hits the Greenwich stage

Our Macbeth cast then went on to give an outstanding performance at the Greenwich Theatre in November. A lively and challenging series of workshops and rehearsals - focusing on vocal projection, group collaboration and embodying their Macbeth characters - enabled the cast’s brilliant delivery of this classic Shakespeare play. We particularly loved the banquet scene with Banquo’s ghost appearing, amid an ensemble of slow-motion dancing goblins! 

Our gallery of atmospheric photographs captures the mood beautifully.  

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