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August 25

Blackheath High School rides high with stellar 2023 GCSE results

Blackheath High School students surpass 2019 pre-pandemic GCSE results with phenomenal 2023 grades. The number of grade 9s awarded (the equivalent of higher than an A*) has more than doubled, rising from from 13% to 29%. 

Despite national predictions of lower grades, Blackheath High students’ grades were well above those obtained in 2019 (the last year before pandemic interruption, to which grades are being compared nationally): 

Exam Results infographic 2023 GCSE3

42% of students were awarded grades 9-7, the equivalent of straight As for every subject. 

The results from STEAM subjects were outstanding, with 100% of students scoring grades 9-8 in Physics, and 64% achieving top 9-7 (A*-A) grades in Maths (49% more than in 2019). 

Less traditional subjects also saw superb success, such as the Year 10 students who have been studying GCSE Astronomy at the Royal Observatory in local Greenwich Park. A sparkling 80% of these students achieved grades 9-7 in the subject. 

In light of the recent success from the Lionesses, we are particularly delighted that 80% of those taking GCSE PE achieved grades 9-8, a result which reflects our commitment to building a lifelong love of sport.

Other subjects achieving outstanding grades include History with 70% of 9-8 grades and English Literature with 87% at grades 9-7.

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