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August 21st 2023

A dream future in law awaits A-level graduate, Jude, at University College London

IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0062Jude moves one step closer towards her dream of becoming a lawyer with A-level grades – A* in French, A in English Literature and B in Politics – that enable her to take up a place at UCL, one of the UK’s most prestigious universities. 

Jude joined Blackheath High School in Year 7 and immediately threw herself into her passion for debating and public speaking, an interest which she credits to our inspirational debating teacher Mr Crozier, and which continued throughout her time at Blackheath High. She has taken part in numerous debating competitions and events, from Model United Nations and Debating Society within the school, to external events such as the Greenman Award. She was also a finalist in the GDST Chrystall debating award.  

Jude began her academic journey at Notting Hill & Ealing GDST, then moved to Egypt for four years with her family. When she returned to the UK, she moved to Blackheath and joined us in Year 7 where she immersed herself in all Blackheath High has to offer. Following her passions, she led our prestigious Law Society, joined numerous musical ensembles including Chamber Choir, learned the piano and pursued an interest in drama with a LAMDA course. 

Jude explains, “I decided to study Law because it taps into my interests in politics, ethical debate and critical thinking. It is such a broad subject and encourages you to use so many different, useful skills.” She is considering specialising in corporate law and is most looking forward to meeting new people and continuing those interesting debates and conversations. 


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