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August 21st 2023

Straight A grade Head Student, Aini, excited for a bright future in Physics at Bristol University

IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0090Our inspiring Head Student Aini achieved the grades required to study Physics at Bristol University. With straight As in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, Aine is excited to take the next steps in her outstanding academic journey. 

Aini joined Blackheath High School in Year 2, when she was just 6 years old and throughout her time at the school, has demonstrated a huge talent and passion for both STEM subjects and for music. As well as excelling in her academic subjects, she has performed in numerous musical ensembles, notably the Khan Trio; been a valuable member of Chamber Choir; and developed into an outstanding violinist. She is very much looking forward to pursuing her musical passion at university. 

Aini loved her time on the Head Student team - as well as the opportunity to inspire and mentor younger students, she also embraced many of the inspiring experiences at Blackheath High, such as the Women in Leadership Conference in March 2023. 

Studying Physics at Bristol University also brings Aine the opportunity to study abroad for one year in Hong Kong or Australia. 


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