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July 5th 2023

London Youth Games, National School Sports Week and Sports Awards

London Youth Games 

Last weekend saw a very exciting London Youth Games! The competition, which has a diverse history stretching back some 45 years, provides opportunities for young Londoners across 33 Boroughs to compete in a multitude of sports.

We are delighted to say a very special congratulations to two very talented sports players who both brought home medals for their borough.

  • Josefine, Year 10, winning gold in volleyball for the borough of North Greenwich
  • Georgia, Year 8, our Sports scholar and avid hockey player, who helped Greenwich take home a silver medal in Hockey.

All the hard work paid off - what an incredible achievement. We applaud you all!


A Gold in Volleyball

Read Josefine’s review of the event: 

On Saturday 1 July, I played at the London Youth Games volleyball finals. I played for the borough of North Greenwich and played against all boroughs of London in the London Youth Games. We played a week before the finals and won our semi-finals match, which meant we went on to play the finals at the Copper Box Arena in the Olympic Park on 1 July.  

The arena was massive and filled with an audience that were very welcoming and loud. Overall, I found it an amazing experience and met many new people and friends along the way. This was my first London youth games and I will definitely compete in the future again! I have been playing volleyball for about a year now and really enjoy the sport and want to continue and win more competitions. 

Written by Josefine, Year 10 


A Silver for Hockey 

Georgia, Year 8, was selected to represent and captain the borough of Greenwich hockey team for this prestigious event, and was expertly coached by our very own Miss Morrell.

During the qualifying weekend, Georgia scored 2 hat-tricks helping Greenwich to qualify as one of the 8 teams for the finals, hosted at Lee Valley Hockey Centre (on the Olympic pitch). Greenwich were unbeaten in their finals pool with 3 wins, taking them through to the semi-finals and onwards into the final match. After a tight first half, Greenwich conceded a goal placing them second, as silver medalists.  

Well done Georgia, Miss Morrell & Team Greenwich! 


Endless energy in National School Sports Week

National School Sports Week was amazing! As Sports Prefects, we were thrilled to see so many pupils, parents, and staff joining us for ‘wake-up & shake-up' in the playground in the mornings. A big shoutout to Emma S, Akshara, Teodora, Livia, Leila, and Olivia for leading the wake-up & shake-up on Thursday, as we were unable to. You kept the energy high and made it so much fun! 

During lunchtime, we had a blast with the 1-minute challenges, and we were never short of girls wanting to join in. We even inspired some Year 3 girls to run their own 1-minute challenge as a bonus. A big thank you to Akshara, Emma S, Kacey, and Evelyn for running the dance workshops throughout the week. Also, special thanks to House Captains - Evelina, Iris, Zainab, and Sion for helping us organise the lunchtime competitions. 

Please note that the tennis ball throw and netball shooting competition results are not included here, as we were unable to complete the challenges in time. 

Now, let's announce the winners of our challenges: 

  • Basketball shooting – Verity, Year 5 
  • Skipping – Emma, Year 6 
  • Shuttle Runs – Siyanna, Year 6 
  • Balancing on one leg for more than 5 minutes – Leela & Molly, Year 4, Hattie; Isla C, Year 5; and Emma R & Teodora, Year 6 
  • Jumping jacks – Teodora, Year 6 (and Mrs Dunne) 
  • Jumping lunges – Nancy, Year 4 
  • Sit-ups - Amiah-Rae, Year 3 
  • Hula hooping - Xuduo, Year 4 

Congratulations to all the winners who have won the coveted prize of wearing their own clothes on the last day of school! 

Written by the Sports Prefects: Alyssa, Alice, Chloe, Ella, Mia and Sienna R 

*The PE Department wants to say a huge thank you to our awesome Sports Prefects and House Captains! You all have done an amazing job encouraging everyone to get involved in sports and making National School Sports Week so much fun. Your enthusiasm and hard work are truly appreciated!*


Sports Awards 2023

In the last week of term, we honoured our very talented sports players at our Annual Sports Awards evening.  

With everyone looking splendid in their suits and dresses it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication the girls have shown throughout the year. Over 50 awards were given to students ranging from Year 5 to Year 13. There was a feast for a meal and some lovely speeches; Hannah from Year 11 spoke fondly of her sporting career at Blackheath High and Miss Morrell reiterated how proud and in awe she is of the amazing, brave, strong girls in front of her.  

We were delighted to welcome Jeanette Kwakye MBE as our main guest speaker, as she spoke about Passion, Purpose and Perserverance in sport and shared her sporting journey with students, parents & teachers. Everyone was captivated as she told us about her career as an Olympic athlete and more recently as a broadcaster. Jeanette spoke about resilience and overcoming adversity, changing direction and finding your feet again. Everyone in the room could take something from what was a truly special talk. A perfect message to hit home by an amazing role model for our own sporting heroes. 

What a night! 


About Jeanette Kwakye MBE: 

Jeanette Kwakye MBE is a British broadcaster and formerly, an Olympic sprinter. You will have seen Jeanette recently on TV presenting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 2022 Commonwealth Games, and the World Athletic Championships (amongst other programmes). In her athletics career, Jeanette was five-time British Athletics Champion and a Beijing Olympic 100m Finalist, to name just a few of her accolades. 



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