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June 21st 2023

Producer Adrian Kelly concludes thE Wollstonecraft Speaker Series THIS YEAR

In the final instalment of this year’s Wollstonecraft Speaker Series, we are delighted to be welcoming TV drama and feature film producer, Adrian Kelly. 

Adrian will be coming in to talk to Senior School students about building a successful career in showbusiness, and exploring the skills needed for dramatic storytelling. An insightful discussion will aim to challenge preconceptions on what a career in dramatic storytelling is and broaden students’ knowledge of the technical and creative skills needed to bring stories to life on screen. 

About Adrian Kelly: 

Adrian Kelly has been working in the production of television drama and feature films since 2000.  He started at the BBC Drama department, before quickly moving on to the independent production sector. In recent years he’s been a Producer on Secret Invasion for Marvel, The Man Who Fell to Earth for Paramount and Killing Eve for AMC/BBC. He is currently working on The Veil, a new series for FX/Disney due to be released next year.  

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