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June 21st 2023

Junior School Sports Day and Sports Round-up

Junior Sports Days   

Year 1, 2 and 3 Sports Day - Tuesday 14 June  

We had a lovely morning at the Sports Campus completing a carousel of activities around the AstroTurf with a range of events, including beanbag throwing, football penalty shoot-out and hurdles. Classes moved around in their House teams trying to score as many points they could. We then ended up on the track for some relay sprinting races for Years 1 & 2, and a Year 3 60m sprint heats. Congratulations to the following girls who made it into the final: 

1st - Claudia 

2nd - Arianna 

3rd - Aylin  

4th - Bea 

A special mention to the following students who earned a star of the day medal for their effort and overall sportsmanship – JoJo and Alicia in Year 1, Grace and Ellie in Year 2, and Juliet and Aarna in Year 3. 

Overall House scores: 

1st Vanbrugh - 106 points 

2nd Meridian - 101 points 

3rd Paragon - 97 points 

4th Morden - 92 points 


Year 4, 5 and 6 Sports Day - Wednesday 15 June  

It was a busy morning for Years 4, 5 and 6 with a carousel of athletics events. All girls were invited to take part in the following activities: 80m, 50m Relay, 400m, long jump, high jump and tennis ball throw. Despite the warm weather they worked tirelessly. Many medals were won for outstanding performances with a few names popping up more than once – congratulations to Hattie, Arianna, Aiyanna, Summer, Shazia, Emma R and Sienna R who all came away with two or more medals. A congratulations to the pupils who showed excellent effort and sportsmanship receiving our star of the day award: Charlotte and Maia H in Year 4; Verity and Maddie in Year 5; and Elliot and Chloe N in Year 6.  

Overall House scores: 

1st Paragon - 64 points 

2nd Vanbrugh - 52 points 

3rd Meridian - 50 points 

4th Morden - 45 points 


EYFS Sports Day - Thursday 16 June 

It was a delightful morning at EYFS Sports Day, where our youngest students got to join us at our Sports Campus for the first time. They were very ably supported by their fabulous ‘big sister’ Sixth Formers who helped out for the day and really gave the girls someone to look up to. 

All the girls took part in a carousel of activities on the Field and they worked really hard taking part in all the activities which included traditional games such as egg and spoon, bean bag toss and hurdles; as well as less conventional events such as the water run! The girls particularly enjoyed this activity, where they had to collect water using a cup in their teams via a relay and fill up their bucket of water to see which team had the most water at the end. A refreshing activity on a warm day. Everyone was remarkably resilient for such a hot morning – well done! 


National School Sports Week 

What a fantastic National School Sports Week we have had. The enthusiasm and turnout for all the activities has been incredible. We have had energetic ‘wake-up and shake-up’ activities to get everyone moving, basketball, hula-hooping, playground workouts and some thrilling lunchtime competitions and amazing dance workshops. Many thanks to our talented Year 6 girls who took the lead in organising some of the events. 


Athletics Competitions 

Over the last few weeks we have had a number of great athletics competitions.

Year 5 & 6 Athletics had an exciting meet at Croydon High School and a group of Senior School students competed in the English Schools’ Athletics Association (ESAA) Track and Field Cup Regionals – with outstanding efforts from all our athletes. Well done all! We captured some great photos of these events. 


A very close GDST U11 Cricket Rally   

Last week we were excited to take 10 of our Year 5 students on a trip to Northampton High School to play in an U11 cricket tournament with 17 other GDST schools. They had an amazing day and learned a lot from the experience of playing against girls a year older than them.

We lost the first game against Wimbledon High (who went on to win the overall tournament), but with each game we grew in confidence – our batting scores increased and our bowling accuracy became straighter, giving away fewer wide points. In our final game against Portsmouth High, we were neck and neck and even in the lead by 3 points.; but, sadly, an excellent catch by the opposition meant we lost the game by just 2 points. The girls handled the disappointment of the loss with admirable grace! 

Congratulations to Verity, Sienna, Hollie, Isla, Kate, Jessica, Hattie, Maddie, Yamini and Lulya for their excellent effort on the day and team spirit for supporting each other. A big round of applause for Isla who got batter of the tournament and Kate for bowler of the tournament for Blackheath High - excellent work! 

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