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May 24th 2023

On the write track in our annual Junior School Book Review Competition

Our Library Prefects at Junior School, Dora and Tilly, were very impressed by the high standard of entries for our Book Review Competition this year. Pupils were invited to submit reviews of their favourite books in a format of their choice. The aim of the competition was to raise awareness of children’s literature and to encourage pupils to read new authors. 

The four winners from each Key Stage, plus our four runners-up, were awarded a voucher to exchange for a book of their choice at our ever-popular Scholastic Book Fair. 

Congratulations to the following winners: Georgia (EYFS), Siena (KS1), Olivia (LKS2) and Mimi (UKS2) for their informative and imaginative entries. Well done also to our runners-up Lara (1H), Sophia (1B), Zara (3H) and Eloisa (3H). 



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