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May 23rd 2023

Head Student Team blog: Kick-starting Charities focus with Pride Month

After our exciting arrival into the Head Student Team, we have got straight to work in implementing our school promises. There are many areas of importance to us, but we have chosen to make our impact in key areas such as Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and Mental Health, and Charity & Fundraising. Leveraging our position to give back to the global and local community is important as a Blackheath High School student.  Charity is something our team wanted to put into focus this year, as it is vital that students engage with world issues, educate themselves, champion key causes and strive for a better future.  

Building engagement is big goal for us as a team; we want to support charities that are really directed to, and reflective of our student body. As a result, we are kickstarting our fundraising with upcoming Pride Month and raising money for the LGBTQ+ charity Mosaic. Mosaic strives to ‘support, educate and inspire young LGBT+ persons and peers’ by providing a range of services, activities, and programmes to give power to its community, advocate LGBTQ+ rights and embrace diversity among young people. Their work aims to build a safer, prejudice-free future to allow young LGBTQ+ members to thrive.  

We have curated a colourful few weeks of celebration and fundraising that encourages students not only to donate to Mosaic, but to celebrate diversity among their peers and within themselves. Within our plans, we have arranged some exciting activities, including a LGBTQ+ film screening, selling Pride-themed accessories and, most exciting, teacher sponge-throwing! Further donations will be made by Ms Bijnens’ ‘rowathon’, whose sponsored donations will be given to Mosaic. Additionally, we are giving Form Groups educational activities and assemblies to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ matters, further understanding terms and definitions and encouragement to accept all sexual orientations and gender identities

Setting the tone with Pride Month, we aim to continue this scale of celebration and fundraising in all areas of Diversity & Inclusion. This includes Black History Month, introducing a Sustainability Week and honouring International Woman’s Day. Something we, as Blackheath High School students, take pride in is our ability to express ourselves freely in an environment that strives to celebrate and appreciate our differences. We want to ensure everyone is heard, seen, and honoured for their individuality; therefore, fundraising, and celebrating diversity will be a huge aspect of the legacy we hope to leave as Head Students.  

Written by Emily, Head Student Team, Year 12


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