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May 10th 2023

Imaginative new species in Year 7 Biology

Year 7 Science has been studying interdependence and variation in Biology. Last half term they learnt about species, ecosystems and food webs; studying the interdependence between predators and prey, competition and adaptations to different habitats.  

During the Easter holidays students were tasked with a special project to invent a new species, their habitat, competition, etc, and to present their species in their Biology lessons. 7G came up with the most wonderful species, from Bellus parvae – a floofle that lives in the forest, to Electropods – a creature which emits purple lightning bolts. Their presentations were fascinating – naturally science-based, but with lots of creativity and imagination. 

Our students have also enjoyed some time in the great outdoors with the guinea pigs and making seed bombs; whilst indoors they have been watching our new caterpillars begin their transformative journey. 

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