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May 10th 2023

Promising linguists at GDST Languages Festival

In early March, 14 Blackheath High School students participated in the GDST Languages Festival; it was a great day, and we were delighted to scoop some awards. 

Sophia, Nikita and Ariadnna represented Blackheath High School in the Year 9 roleplay category. The competition was fierce but they won the GDST French play, writing and performing their own original work which was titled, ‘Une brève rencontre à l'agence matrimoniale. The play was about a young woman visiting a marriage agency’ where she experiences a rather unexpected encounter! The play proved to be funny, well produced and most importantly, a great way to strengthen French skills!  

Congratulations also to Anna-Faye (Year 10) who won the best Latin video in collaboration with other GDST students based on Aesop’s Fables; and to Sara-Maya (Year 7) who won the GDST spelling bee in Latin. 

Students who took part were excited to continue their linguistic journey and would like to encourage everybody to participate in school events like this in the future, saying it’s enjoyable and a great way to strengthen your learning and social skills! 

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