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March 8th 2023

Year 9 Look to the Future

In February, Year 9 took part in the ‘Look to the Future Day’ as part of their careers journey. The event gives students the opportunity to speak with professionals about their career choices, with lots of probing questions and has always been a highly successful event. 

Here’s what a couple of our Year 9 students said about the day:

The Look to the Future day was a truly enjoyable experience. All the parents were incredibly informative and definitely gave us a better view of the work life adults face. It made me reconsider my choices of careers and how we can realistically and successfully reach our dream vocations.  

The talk from the lnvestIN was really eye-opening and told us that everyone has a special ability, we just need to be able to see it and enhance it! The speaker was knowledgeable and well-informed who brought the information to life. It was inspiring to know that there are creative paths that we can reach successfully and confidently. We will definitely be enrolling in these summer activities. 

Written by India & Kikki, Year 9 

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