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March 8th 2023

Year 8 Science Fair & other hair-raising news

In our recent Science Week, Year 8s were challenged to build and test scientific hypotheses. Students got into pairs and came up with their own projects to test out a number of interesting theories including:  

  • Which brand of apples taste the sweetest? Pink Ladies are sweeter than Granny Smiths and almost all parent and staff testers picked out the sweeter apple as being the best!  

  • Can human detect artificial smells? Volunteers were asked to see if they could distinguish between real and artificial smells because they are higher in sugar and have a stronger scent. Overall everyone detected the majority of the smells correctly and interestingly, females volunteers performed best in the experiment, but age did not have an effect 

  • Can we bust the 5 second myth? This project involved growing bacteria from dropped grapes! 

  • Temperature impact on the time it takes for a bath bomb to dissolve. A quartered bath bomb was tested at 20, 30, 40 and 50 degrees C – the results were quite surprising as there was a big difference in the rate of decomposition at each of the 10 degree markers  

All the students did a fantastic job of testing, documenting and presenting their findings, but we had to have some winners. The category winners were:    

  • Best Scientific Research - Rebecca, Chloe and Hannah  

  • Best scientific research - Matilda and Elena  

  • Health and Wellbeing research - Jasmine and Sonia 

  • Students’ favourite – Danielle 

  • Innovation award - Betsy, Aiyna & Clementine 

Meanwhile in Science class our Year 7s had a hair-raising experience learning about electricity and testing out the Van der Graaf generator.  

And finally on the fundraising front, our fabulous Mrs Bijnens once again found the time to organise our Wear-it-Wild non-uniform day. Students could dress up as an animal, or sporting an animal print item, to raise money for Save the Rhinos. See some of the endangered species below! 

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