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January 25th 2023

A new year return to the Austrian Alps

Still a little bleary eyed after the New Year’s Eve celebrations, 53 students from Years 9-11 and 6 staff travelled to Bischofshofen, Austria for a week of skiing. This year’s ski trip was by far the best trip that our school has arranged. Everything from the skiing to the evening activities were all amazing and very fun. Even though Christmas had been unseasonably warm throughout the Alps, the slopes all had plenty of snow from snow cannons and there was a good range of runs for all different abilities. The evening activities that we did were extremely entertaining, from waterparks to ice skating to Austrian bowling, everyone enjoyed all of the activities a lot. Even though all the students that came on the trip had different skiing abilities, the instructors were very helpful and supportive, and we all improved significantly in just one week. Everyone who went on this trip is very thankful to Mr Nott and all the other teachers who helped to organise this wonderful trip that we will never forget! 

Written by Natasha, Year 11 

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