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December 15th 2022

Spotlight: our Year 11 Music Scholar Lauren

Life as a Music Scholar at Blackheath High School

My name is Lauren, and I am in Year 11 at Blackheath High School and have been a music scholar since I first joined in Year 7. Music is such a strong passion of mine as singing gives me such joy, telling stories through beautiful tunes. I have been a chorister at Southwark Cathedral for 7 years now and being able to sing constantly is what makes Blackheath High such a special place for me. Singing is such a constant in my life, with Southwark Cathedral choir 2-3 times a week, and at school another 3 times a week, engaging my passion for music and always expanding my knowledge.   

Being a music scholar here is about having a strong dedication and passion for the subject and enhancing your school experience with music. As a music scholar for singing I take part in many clubs such as Chamber Choir, Vocalise and Rolling Tones. These choirs are of different sizes and genres, some specifically performing choral pieces, and others addressing more contemporary works. There are also great peripatetic teachers, and I see my singing teacher once a week, which has really helped develop my singing and specifically develop my voice. 

On the 6 December, the Blackheath High School Christmas carol concert took place at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich which was a wonderful celebration of Blackheath High music. We sang many of the classic carols, such as Jesus Christ the Apple Tree, and Star Carol, as well as more modern pieces such as Love Walked in. There were so many wonderful ensembles performing, with an amazing wide range of instruments such as brass, string, and drums - such a wonderful display of the plethora of music that Blackheath High encourages. It was a really wonderful evening and everyone enjoyed it so much. On the 12 December, our Rolling Tones choir also visited Mycenae Care Home, to perform some classic carols there, which was a very heart-warming experience, and greatly received - with several special requests from the audience! 

Another aspect of being a choral music scholar here at Blackheath High School is the opportunity to perform to such different audiences. Recently our school House Music competition took place, where a guest judge (an award-winning Guildhall and Cambridge musician) came and watched our performances across a number of different categories and gave invaluable feedback - an important part of our development. Another lovely aspect of Blackheath High performances is the Tea Time concerts, which encourage all students to come and perform in a more relaxed environment to a small group of parents and carers. This is such a wonderful experience as music students join together and encourage each other in their musical journey. 

Below is a picture of me performing at the Autumn term Tea Time concert in the Dance studio, one of our great spaces for music. 

Written by Lauren, Year 11 Music scholar  

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