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October 11th 2022

Clone Town or a Home Town - Year 9 head to Whitstable

Year 9 travelled to Whitstable, Kent for trips day, collecting data to see whether the town is a 'Clone Town' or a 'Home Town'. In true Geography fieldwork fashion, the heavens opened, and we had a wet morning on the beach. The dedication and resilience of the students was really impressive. In the words of one of the students, 'we looked like drowned rats, but a Costa Coffee was a welcome relief after the rain!' In the afternoon, it was luckily much drier, and the students were able to research the uniqueness of Whitstable.  

The results and analysis in class have already been very interesting. Over the past 25 years, Whitstable has been transformed from a coastal town with a failing fishing industry to a thriving tourist destination. House prices have increased with the influx of new residents, often from London. Often regeneration brings an increase in high street shops and brands. Our students were investigating whether Whitstable's success had turned the high street into a 'clone town' or if it has kept its original seaside charm and independence. 

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