March 24

Augmented reality enables us to enhance traditional lessons

Tudors and Trade has been Year 5’s Humanities topic this term. The girls have impressed us, both at home and in school, with their work. 

They each wrote essays on the Spanish Armada last week demonstrating their knowledge of the topic. For their lessons this week they had the opportunity to use their iPads to further explore the Spanish Armada using augmented reality. They were able to view cannons, swords, a Spanish barn and La Girona in a way that would not be possible in 2D. Augmented reality can display visuals over the real world to create an augmented reality experience.

The girls have great IT skills and were able to create images where they added themselves to the scene! The lessons were well received with girls learning, interacting together and having fun at the end of a long and unusual term. Children love the novelty aspect of augmented reality as well as the increased interactivity. I should note that augmented reality is as a supplementary tool, rather than a primary method of delivering content, but it enables us to enhance traditional lessons. We use this across the Junior school to bring lessons to life, where appropriate. For example, we can give the girls an opportunity to peek inside an ancient Egyptian tomb, take a tour of the solar system and follow the journey of a river. It opens up a whole new horizon and ensures that we are embracing the joy of the challenge. 

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