February 9

My daughter offers me parenting tips!

I sometimes think that being a mum is like being on an episode of The Chase. Just as I think I am on a roll, doing well, I come across the Chaser (my daughter) and she wipes the floor with me.

My daughter is always happy to give me parenting advice and during lockdown some of it has been very useful! After the inevitable 'give me more money' and 'stop asking me to help around the house' she wanted me to ‘slow down’. As a working mum it is hard to hear as there is always so much to do in school and, of course, I am often working at the end of the day or at the weekend. ‘More one-to-one time’ is another request, in the middle of trying to make sure that there is food in the house, the washing is done and my MS Teams lessons happen.

Every parenting expert I have come across has suggested a regular rethink of daily routines as children pass through the various stages of growing up and scheduling quality time with our children is just as important when they are older – it strengthens the sense of self. In my house this plea usually comes when I am checking my phone. My daughter says I always have my phone in my hand and she gets very frustrated if I am talking to her and messaging someone at the same time. She says I can’t be really listening to her if I am on MS Teams at night. It is very sage advice.

I am trying hard to live in the moment when I am with her as she won’t be living at home for much longer, so I am making the most of it!

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