December 17

Blackheath High Junior girls hold their own special election

On Thursday 12 December, Blackheath High Juniors held their own special election whilst the rest of the country went to the polls to decide our future government. Some of our Year 5 and 6 girls had teamed up to form four different parties, each with a different agenda.

The United Party aimed to promote kindness through-out our school and community. The We Can Make a Difference Party was passionate about children’s mental and physical well-being. AFA (Act for Animals) and the Enviro Safe parties both pretty much did as they said on the tin, respectively championing animal welfare issues and environmental awareness – in particular the reduction of plastics in school.

All four parties presented their manifestos to Key Stage 2 girls and teachers in a special assembly, articulating their arguments and motivation clearly and with genuine passion. Ultimately there was a landslide victory to Enviro Safe, reflecting the deeply felt concern in the whole school community about sustainability.

For the candidates this was a practical way to hone their skills of argument and debate; marshalling their messages in presentations and posters. However, all of the girls took an active part in a democratic process, queuing at our own Polling Station, putting their votes in the Ballot Box and really bringing British values to life. It was a genuinely inspiring project to witness; the girls respected the views of the opposing parties, campaigns were conducted on the merits of their own positions not by denigrating the priorities of others. For us adults, whatever our political persuasion, this was a refreshing change.

All of the parties had pledged a reward for Juniors if they were to be successful and in the true spirit of togetherness despite differences, it appears that Enviro Safe will be “borrowing” an idea from the We Can Make a Difference Party and holding a Danceathon, with a £1 entry donation to assist in their first eco initiative.

I am most grateful to Mrs Karakosta for leading the girls in this project.


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