September 20

Prince Charles: 'Every child should have access to the arts at school'

At a recent event organised by Prince Charles’ “Children and the Arts” charity, a campaign was launched to promote arts and creativity in schools. Attended by artists, teachers, policy makers and politicians the event called for a drive to put “creativity at the heart of the school curriculum”.  

We are supporting creative skills in school when we make flexible use of space, working both inside and outside the classroom. By adopting a “playful” approach with a degree of learner autonomy and providing opportunities for peer collaboration and partnerships with outside agencies we further support these skills. Indeed, a creative environment has even shown to have a positive impact on pupil attainment and also help strengthen respectful relationships between teachers and learners.

As we settle into our new building at the Senior School, there is no doubt that our new environment is designed to enable such creativity. Whilst our Art, Design and Music departments now have purpose-built spaces in which to work, all subject areas are benefitting from a new environment built to optimise the student experience. We can see the pulse of creativity in all areas of the school as we start to make the most of our new home - We’re having a fantastic start to the new academic year!

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