May 9

Making aspirations become reality

It has always struck me as remarkable and fortuitous that I am paid to do a job where I get to have so much fun. In lessons, I have the chance to explore my favorite subject. This week I have taught photosynthesis, ecology and respiration and I had as much fun as anyone else in the room! The joy of teaching in a school like this, is that each class comes with its own new set of enquiring questions and we can share that voyage of discovery together.

In my role as Head of Sixth Form I have enjoyed the challenges of having a whole plethora of different activities to organise, from cultural days, to public speaking tuition, to Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) Insight Days. I have spoken to students about plans for university, improving study skills, how to fine tune project work, organising the Sixth Form Ball… the list is infinite.

This is precisely why I love my role so much; sharing hopes and plans with talented young women and employing the skills that I have learnt over the years to help facilitate their success.

For example, I was on the train back to Blackheath recently, when a young woman asked me if I had taught at Blackheath High School. This former student, whom I had taught at A-Level, had gone on to study medicine. She is now an oncologist at Guy’s hospital. With a smile she also informed me that her cousin, who I had also taught, is an obstetrician. She thanked me for my help and I later received lovely messages from both of them.

That is the real buzz of this vocation; having the privilege of being able to make a difference and to play a role in making aspirations become reality.  

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