February 28

Having purpose and making a difference

Since the start of 2018 there has been a new development in the world of micro-influencers - you may have even seen it on Twitter or Instagram as #purpose. There has been a move towards being conscientious and appreciating the old fashioned but not out of date concept of ‘service’. I read of a businesswoman who whilst running her own design agency, also volunteered at a night shelter in East London to bring meaning into her life. This desire for purpose in her life fed into her working life too.

Recent studies have suggested that 93% of students want a career where they can ‘make a difference’. This is a new trend that seems to be emerging as young people seek to have a meaningful life, underpinned by values. We certainly see this approach at Blackheath High School from our Mighty Girls and our Feminist Society to the students designing invitations to the Senior Citizens’ Party.

Our students can and do make a difference. They are vocal about improving the lives of others and about campaigning, through Amnesty International for example. Numerous studies have shown that there are also health gains from living with purpose – it boosts happiness. It is good to know that our students are part of something much bigger.

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