November 29

Discovering a real joy in learning at A-level

Just one of the enjoyable things about studying at A-level is the fact that at this stage, students can really focus on the subjects that intrinsically motivate them. The reduced number of subjects they have to study allows them to really hone in and study in depth the areas that truly interest them. Sixth Form students also already have essential study skills embedded in their way of working and so as teachers, we are able to approach lessons in a manner which allows the growth of genuine enquiry, curiosity and to develop vision.

By vision I mean two things; vision about what the individual would like to do in terms of career path and also a vision of how they would like to 'change the world'. Students can grow and explore these ideas optimally if we allow and encourage them to think outside of the specification box, if we encourage probing questions, if we set them tasks that increase their thirst for knowledge and if we show them, through a variety of means how their interests can be applied in the world of work. It is for these reasons that we continue to develop the super-curricular activities available to students; Wollstonecraft lectures, STEAM and Finance events, the Bright Horizons days, networking sessions with Alumnae and co-curricular trips (I am particularly looking forward to our trip to CERN!). With these opportunities, girls can try out ideas, take risks and discover a real joy in their learning.   

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