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August 18th 2022

Celebrating success in A-level results: a spotlight on some our students

Our A-level heroes are just some examples of the amazing determination on display at Blackheath High School over the past few years. As results are announced this year, we celebrate the achievements of all our students and teachers across the school and all they have achieved in what has been a challenging time for everyone. We are so proud of this year’s A-level students.

This year our girls will be leaving us to go on to study a huge array of courses such as; Architecture, Neuroscience, Design Engineering, Computer Science, Drama, Psychology, Ecology & Conservation, English, Law, Civil Engineering, Art Foundation, History of Art and Zoology, studying at leading institutions such as; Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), University of York, University of Leeds, Central St Martins, The Bartlett – UCL, and the University of Sussex. With 75% of our students receiving their first place university choice.

Commenting on the students' amazing results, Acting Head Natalie Argile said; “We are so incredibly proud of all our girls, who have shown outstanding passion for the subjects they have chosen. We are committed to inspiring each of our students to embark on an individual pathway and to get the most out of our hands-on approach to learning.

“Each of our students has shown fantastic resilience in the face of the pandemic, and their results are a testament to their dedication while our teachers ensured continuous and effective home learning in such unusual circumstances. It is amazing to see all their hard work pay off and we wish them the best of luck in the next stage of their education.”

Read below to hear from some of our students and visit our Results page for further insights.



Rafi photo

Rafi achieved four A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Design & Technology (DT) A-level. She will go on to study Design Engineering at Imperial College London.

Rafi joined Blackheath High School in Year 7. She has loved her time at the school, particularly the “warm and friendly atmosphere”, the small class sizes that enable her to ask many questions, and her teachers who are always willing to help. She believes Blackheath High School has supported her to practice independent learning skills that she can utilise at university.  

As a science enthusiast, Rafi has had some brilliant opportunities to excel in this field. In Year 10, she attended Saturday classes at the Royal Observatory and achieved a GCSE in Astronomy. In Sixth Form, Rafi was awarded a GDST scholarship and the Ana Windibank Prize for Science. Outside of school, she gained an Arkwright engineering scholarship and a Silver award in the British Physics Olympiad.  

Rafi looks back fondly at the memories she made at Blackheath High School, particularly a stand-out trip in Year 9 to Iceland where she “walked on a glacier, drove through a blizzard and walked under a frozen waterfall”.  

She is particularly grateful that Blackheath High School offered her DT as a subject, which help her develop a passion for design and engineering that she will take to Imperial College London.



IMG 6016 (1)I joined Blackheath High School in 2020, which was also my first year studying in London. I finished all my previous studies in China before I decided to study abroad and attend Blackheath High School. My family and I selected Blackheath High because we all believed it would be a great place, with its own colourful cultural diversity and wonderful educational support. 

I did four subjects for my A-levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Art and am proud to say that I achieved four A*s.  

Choosing these four subjects was a challenging but valuable combination for me, as a student moving into a new education system, needing time to adapt. Besides, my passion also lies in participating in competitions from Maths to Physics, which was a lot of fun and gave me chance to test my understanding and academic knowledge. Also, as a peer mentor and a member of the school transition team, we strived for and welcomed the opportunity to talk to students in lower year groups or new students joining the school. I love this type of communication since I appreciate the opportunity to listen to the ideas of young people. And Blackheath High gave me plenty of chances to grow this enthusiasm. 

There were lots of new experiences for me at Blackheath High. Firstly, I attempted some new sports, including my favourite one: dancing. We were divided into groups and given a theme to produce a series of creations about the following plots and personalised expressions. Secondly, I had a variety of different cultural assemblies and activities for the first time, such as Diwali, where we celebrated and learned the origins of those festivals together. 

Undoubtedly the most meaningful first to me, is that I finally journeyed into the study of Art and did a variety of 3D works systematically with help from my teachers. I indeed think that my first year of Art at Blackheath High School deepened my determination to study Architecture as my university course. This inspiration motivated me to finish a series of extra artworks in my spare time and also gave me unique resources for my portfolio and my UCAS application. I successfully received the offer from my top choice university (UCL Bartlett), one of the greatest academic institutions for architects, to continue my passion for architecture during my undergraduate and postgraduate.  

Blackheath High for me is unique. It is full of friendly groups with enormous energy and people are always ready to devote time to each other. I gained lots of confidence after being here, possibly because I proved to myself that a new system/new school/new country will not be a barrier to me; possibly because I met so many nice people here ranging from classmates, mixed classes, to teachers who are always generous with time to help; possibly as well because I got a better comprehension of the word ‘team’ after being involved into several team/ leadership works. Or just because Blackheath High is an amazing school with great inclusivity and diversity. 



Freya photoFreya has achieved four A*s in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths A-level. She will be attending the University of York to study Natural Sciences.  

Joining Blackheath High School in Year 7, Freya has enjoyed the warm and welcoming environment. She has appreciated the small class sizes that “make it easy for teachers to give personalised feedback and help with anything I’m finding difficult”. She says her Physics teachers, Ms Tsikkinis and Ms Tados, have been great role models for her as women in STEM.  

Freya was awarded a GDST Sixth Form scholarship and the 1994 Prize. She took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and the British Physics Olympiad, achieving Silver and Bronze awards respectively.  

During her time at Blackheath High School, Freya has been part of various sports teams including hockey, rounders, cricket and touch-rugby. In Year 11, she was a buddy for a group younger students, co-ran the Year 7 homework club, and took part in the Year 11 Fashion Show.  

Freya has received her Duke of Edinburgh award in both Bronze and Silver, finding the experiences very rewarding. She enjoyed both the physical challenges during the hikes and playing games back at the campsites.  

Freya praises the strong work ethic she has developed while at Blackheath High School and looks forward to building her scientific knowledge and skills at the University of York.


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