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May 26th 2022

student review: Year 9 Geography trip to Whitstable

Last Trips Day, Year 9 went to Whitstable.

The objective of the trip was to learn about longshore drift, groynes and the geographical history of the town.

It was a really fun trip, having our first taste of a Geography field work, and being educated on how one of Kent's best beaches and surrounding area operate. In the morning we had a team practical, with the aim to calculate the longshore drift of the area and height of the groynes. This was an enjoyable morning filled with group collaboration, our spirits unaffected by the wind.

After lunch we explored Whitstable, and find out what makes it one of Kent's most successful seaside towns. I found this to be a very interesting afternoon, tallying the areas businesses and attempting to recreate almost 70 year old photos. It was an enlightening geographical trip, lined with pieces of the town's history. A day that I, along with many others found extremely enjoyable.

Written by Amelie Hutton
Written by Amelie Hutton

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