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March 30th 2022

German play 'Horoskop' comes to BHS

On Thursday the 10th of March, a German play was performed for all German students at Blackheath High. The play was very interesting and a brilliant way for all of us who learn German to widen our range of understanding. By getting used to processing the language, throughout the play I felt my knowledge of German widen, whilst having lots of fun engaging in the performing arts.

One year 10 GCSE German student commented “the play really helped me to practise my comprehension of German speaking and was also really fun meanwhile!”

The play was called ‘Horoskop’ and told the tale of a teenage girl who read her horoscope, believing to have found her future love - only to find out that she had read the wrong day’s prediction!! It was very amusing whilst also helping all students from yr 8 to 11 to engage and recognise the language and vocabulary.

Another German student said that the play “really enhanced my engagement with the German language and helped emphasise the power of learning a second language”.

The wonderful opportunity to watch this play was greatly appreciated by all the German linguists in Blackheath High School, and great fun. Thank you to the brilliant MFL department for arranging the series of plays performed in many of the languages studied here at BHS over the last few weeks, the German play was certainly a great success!

Written by Lauren Quinn 10B

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