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January 25th 2022

A Visit From Quantum Theatre Company

On Tuesday 25 January, Year 7 were visited by the Quantum Theatre Company who put on a performance of their production 'A Christmas Carol'.

Despite Christmas being a month behind us, the girls had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

When asked what they would say to the actors after the performance, some of the girls said:

"Thank you it was absolutely amazing.You thought the play through and interpreted and changed it to work with 3 people.It was amazing and I would like to see another of their productions." 

"Thank you so much for the performance! You have really made my day happier! You were so good and helpful to help me learn more about the text."

"All the characters were really well played and I think it was amazing that you only had three actors, the way you switched characters and voices was amazing! I would happily watch this again."

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