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May 10th 2017

Wings of Hope Award winners

Congratulations to ‘Team Cannons’, a group of six girls from Years 9 and 10 who have won the Wings of Hope Achievement Award (WOHAA) for 'Creativity'.  

WOHAA is a social enterprise programme for students in Years 9-13 run by The Wings of Hope, a children's charity that provides education and support for underprivileged youth around the world.

In a nationally recognised competition, students work in small groups to fundraise in innovative and creative ways, developing their entrepreneurial skills. We have been running the programme as a co-curricular activity since September 2016 and were ecstatic that Team Cannons made it to the WOHAA semi-finals. Taking place at the Houses of Parliament, the girls had to present to a panel of judges and answer searching questions about how they formed the team and organised their fundraising.

The judges were very impressed with their presentation, noting both the use of business skills to maximise profit and their use of co-operation and teamwork to achieve their goals. In particular, they commented on the obvious enjoyment that the team had found in the project and the genuine warmth between the girls who have now become firm friends.

At the annual WOHAA Awards ceremony at the Royal College of Surgeons, we were delighted to find out that Team Cannons won the 'Creativity' category. Well done, girls!  

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