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January 28th 2022

Let's Communicate: Understanding Partial Sightedness in KS1 & KS2

'Let's Communicate' is Key Stage 1 & 2's inclusion theme of the month for January.

Throughout January, Junior pupils have been learning about partial sightedness with Book Club books like 'Specs for Rex' - a particular favourite of student Ahana, who wears glasses herself. 

Let's Communicate 1

Ahana loved the part in Specs for Rex where Rex hid his glasses in his sandwich at lunchtime!

KS1 have also discussed what happens when we go to the opticians to get our eyes tested, and made their own glasses from pipe cleaners.

Let's Communicate 2

In addition to exploring glasses and how they work, the girls also learned about Braille, making their own name cards.

Let's Communicate 3


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