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December 14th 2021

The Hour of Code

During the week of 6 – 10th December, parents were invited into their child’s Computer Science lesson to learn how to code!

Over 30 families signed up, and adults from many different professional backgrounds came along to our Mac Suite for a fun session of coding.

Many parents had never written a word or line of code before, whilst others were already programmers, but everybody learnt something during the lesson. Everyone had a go, working in pairs to create some coding magic.

Whilst our students at Blackheath High School learn to code both at Juniors and in Seniors from Year 7, this was another great opportunity to try out a new language, stretch themselves and see what exciting images and games they could create with code.

Every parent that joined us left with a positive comment: they really enjoyed coming into the lesson, they learnt something, they experienced coding whilst working with their child and it was great fun! It was a valuable experience for all involved.

The Hour of Code is a yearly event and we participate as a whole school. There’s a real buzz in the classroom and it’s one of the most enjoyable lessons of the year. We look forward to welcoming all our parents back in December 2022.

Keep coding!

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