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September 30th 2021

Student & Parent Ambassadors Shine at Open Morning

Mrs Chandler-Thompson and Mrs Skevington would like to extend a really huge thank you to students that helped in classroom demonstrations, performances and as ambassadors during Open Morning.

Those of you that have attended an Open Morning at the Junior or Senior school will recall that they are busy, exciting and fast-paced events with delicious food and inspirational performances, which we could not do without our students representing us, and themselves, so brilliantly. Feedback from guests has been effusive and focussed on how happy, articulate and considerate our students were throughout the morning. As usual, we are tremendously proud.

Our huge gratitude also goes out to those parents who attended to provide their invaluable perspective of the Senior and Junior schools. That so many of our parents are willing to spend a Saturday morning enthusiastically chatting about our school to prospective future parents is a true testament to our engaged community.


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