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September 20th 2021

A Great Start for Science

We are off to a great start in Science this school year. All students – and teachers – are very pleased we can do practical work again, so all years have started catching up and taking part in a range of exciting practical activities.

Year 8 have been learning about magnetic fields and electromagnets. They have explored magnetic fields using iron filings.

Year 12 have started the new term with the topic 'Transport in Animals', and immediately got to do a fish head dissection to study gill arcs and filaments. We even succeeded in looking at the lamellae under the microscope!

And of course, our fabulous Guinea Pig Club has started. Year 7 students will be competing to name the guinea pigs and Mr Hoque will be the impartial judge for this naming contest.

We're looking forward to giving our girls even more opportunities to get involved in fun educational experiments this academic year.

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