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Girls, Power and Change: taking a look back at one of the Girls’ Day School Trust inspirational 'Raise Her Up' podcast series. This episode focuses on business leader and GDST alumna Debbie Wosskow. Listen to the podcast:


Warming up for the Edinburgh Fringe…our Year 11-13 drama students have been in the thick of rehearsals for the upcoming festival and will be performing in the 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist' 8-12 August. Break a leg girls! To book tickets:


Dream Big: at Blackheath High we encourage our students to chase their dreams with conviction. Take a tour of Sixth Form - a GDST school recently rated ‘Excellent in all areas’ by the ISI in 2022. Book now for our Open Morning on Saturday 1 October:


Congratulations - what a match! Women in sport at their finest, inspiring the nation and the next generation.


Congratulations . Women in sport at their finest!


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23 players, 23 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! (A 🏆 thread...)


Some fab photos coming in for the competition! Snap a pic of your favourite summer holiday location and don't forget to make a heart shape with your hands. Get inspired by the sun-filled holiday pics and send your entries to on Twitter or Instagram.


We are delighted to announce that our outgoing Head Student, Sharmalyne, has been awarded one of three University Scholarships bestowed by the Girls' Day School Trust – the Frederica Lord Scholarship. Very well deserved Sharmalyne - best of luck for your next chapter.


With only 5% of music performed on the concert platform composed by women, we set out to celebrate and inspire through the power of at our inaugural Women In Music Festival, including our summer concert finale.


Congratulations to a number of our students passing their Silver and Bronze Arts Awards. Similar to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, but for the Arts, it is a fantastic way for students to develop their understanding of the Arts in its widest context.


We are delighted to announce the winners of another creative Geography competition. The Year 7 competition was to create a 'typography' of a London borough to celebrate its individuality - a competition run by the London Eye and Lastminute.


Undivided at Junior School: One year on our initiative has raised awareness of cultural, mental and physical differences, in a sensitive, age-appropriate way. Our Welcome Clubs help support the curriculum, challenge misconceptions and celebrate diversity.


Year 3 go pond dipping at Senior School Eco Club. The girls had a wonderful time - pond dipping, where they found plenty of creatures including a couple of newts; meeting and feeding the guinea pigs; and painting rocks to decorate the pond area.


Congratulations to Eco Club, who has been honoured with a Distinction by the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award scheme, recognising the school's environmental credentials and actions in: biodiversity; recycling; sustainable transport; and much more.


Be Ambitious, Be Brave, Be Curious. We encourage our students to push their boundaries. Discover Blackheath High Junior School GDST - recently rated ‘Excellent in all areas’ by the ISI in 2022. Book now for our Open Morning Saturday 1 October:


Artistic licence unleashed: with the annual self-portraits at Junior School. Both old and new techniques were used by the girls in their self-portraits as students experimented with materials, mirrors and technology.


An abundance of energy and enthusiasm was seen from Year 10 Drama students in a workshop led by the Splendid Theatre Company. We saw some truly engaging pieces of original theatre, as the group pushed themselves out of their comfort zones. Splendid!


Blooming marvellous: a group of Year 7 students enter the Historical Royal Palaces ‘Superbloom’ competition with their fabulous sunflower design for a stunning jumpsuit and dress, perhaps following in the footsteps of fashion icon and Alumna, Mary Quant.


Be Daring, Dream Big. We support and inspire our girls all the way from Nursery to Sixth Form. Book a place at one of our Open Mornings at Junior School and Senior School on Saturday 1 October, including tours of our fantastic Sixth Form Centre. Book now:


Our photography competition at Senior School is back! Students must submit their best pics of their favourite summer holiday locations and including hands forming a heart shape. Entries to the team or via by 9 September please.


Year 2 gained a world of knowledge on their trip to Tower Bridge, an integral part of their learning journey on engineering and resilience. Engines, glass walkways, jumping buses and animation workshops all came joyously to life.


Year 9 make their own special bubble tea (not for drinking!). Implementing their learnings in Bioenergetics, Year 9 carried out a fun practical to investigate light intensity on the mean rate of photosynthesis, using algae beads that they made themselves.


Absolutely fabulous to see our Sports Days back in action! There were great performances and displays of athleticism and sportsmanship – well done everyone. The House wins go to Paragon for the Junior School and Vanbrugh for the Senior School.


Bamboo Bike Club's creation looks 'wheely' good!


It's the end of an era! We wish all our departing Y6s a wonderful summer and a bright future 🌞💖


A wonderful celebration of our inclusive school - and a fantastic, global lunch to go with it!


Year 9 students had a great time passing their qualifier expedition of their Bronze DofE after being brilliantly prepared following their practice expedition. Well done girls!


Today is Blackheath High's International Day! To celebrate, our Senior girls have dressed up in traditional clothing from around the world, and we were all treated to a delicious international buffet lunch in the quad. Bon appetit!


Studying ‘Fantastic Places’: our Year 7 Humanities Greenwich field trip to Greenwich Park and the iconic Cutty Sark was a lovely example of our departments working together, interweaving the school curriculums, while having fun!


Delicious cherries handpicked by our Year 1 school councillors this summer term. After some expert student sampling and taste testing by Mrs Skevington, the harvest was shared with the rest of the year.


Wherefor art thou...‘Romeo and Juliet’ by The Globe Players. The Globe players gave a superb performance of Shakespeare classic for Year 9. “An excellent workshop and great learning opportunity” - read our Year 9 Issy’s Student Review.


Wonderful assembly, thank you to everyone who took part!


Great work, Mighty Girls 🎨🖌


When summer gives us 30 degree days, Eco Club make lemonade. Despite the sweltering heat the Eco Club managed to make some delicious homemade lemonade, raising £60 to go towards plants for Eco Club. Unbe-leaf-able!


Production of ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’ by Year 5 and 6 was a roaring success. The girls took to the stage, playing to a packed audience and putting on a spectacular show. Well done Year 5 and 6, we are all very proud of you!


Did you read about our rowathon? Senior School girls rowed for 8 hours across the day, fundraising for LGBTQ+ Mental Wellbeing charity ‘Mind Out’. The students had a great day and gave it their all, raising over £300!


A rare opportunity at Blackheath High Junior School in September 2022 - recently rated ‘excellent in all areas’ by the ISI in 2022, it's an exciting time to join our exceptional Junior School. We are accepting applications for Years 3 & 4 - apply today:


A night under the stars at The BHSA Summer Festival. An incredibly lovely event at the heart of our collaborative and community-led school. So many fun activities - face painting, inflatables, bushcraft skills, a “silent” movie and fabulous food to boot.


Lola in Year 9 is on a roll! Many congratulations to Lola and her pony Spot on winning more firsts in their equestrian show jumping events, amongst very experienced riders. As ever we are very proud.


A really engaging assembly. Thank you to Sarra for showing us the real work going on behind the scenes to contribute towards a more sustainable future 🌍

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July 7

Year 12 student attend InvestIN 'The Young Doctor Programme'

On Saturday 26 June, Miah and Priyal (Year 12) attended a fascinating InvestIN  ‘Young Doctor programme'. The girls tell us about their experience attending the event and the inspiration they got from it. 


I paid for a live event called ‘The Young Doctor Programme’ through InvestIN at Queen Mary University of London, which was introduced to me by the Head of Futures, Ms Day. On the Saturday, the programme involved essential skills such as medical school applications, the world of a doctor and medical school interviews. There were two practicals included of which one was the virtual emergency room and the other was suturing. At the end of Saturday, there was a panel Q&A where they had three doctors and one medical student answering questions asked by us students. On the Sunday, we covered medical specialities and ethics where we spoke to a Junior Doctor, a GP, a psychiatrist and a surgeon. At the end of Sunday, they had organised a debate on different scenarios of medical ethics. For example, ‘Should doctors be restricted from social media?’ and half the audience was for and half was against.

I found the programme very interesting and useful as I got an insight of various careers and specialities in medicine. The doctors shared their daily timetable with us so we could get a rough understanding of a ‘typical’ day at work for a doctor. It felt like a true experience as the course involved interactive stimulations where I found it easier to remain engaged and dedicated. It was helpful as I was able to expand my knowledge on the various, specific skills required to become a doctor.

I learned about the four principles of medical ethics: autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice and how medical professionals must keep these four in mind at all times during their daily work life. I studied the vital signs that doctors must examine when a patient is registered at A&E. For example, monitoring their blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate and breathing rate.

The best part of the Saturday was the Virtual Emergency Room, as this was a comprehensive and interactive practical which included lots of audience volunteering and discussions. The aim was to diagnose the ill patient and start their treatment whilst the clock was ticking away. It was almost like reality mainly due to the time pressure. The banana suturing was another highlight as we used proper surgical tools and thread and it was a valuable hands-on experience.

On the Sunday, the best activity was the group debate on medical ethics where I had the opportunity to hear different voices from a wide variety of students which was helpful and informative.

I would highly recommend this programme to all students interested in pursuing a career in medicine and to those who are yet contemplating to take on a medicine career as this course is very likely to clear any doubts and answer all your questions. I explored multiple tips of how to build a personal statement and how to prepare for an interview and BMAT/UCAT. Another benefit was improving your networking skills, making new friends and the chance to personally talk to multiple doctors from various fields as these connections are likely to come in handy for the future and can bring about many new opportunities and open more doors.


The programme was very informative and opened my eyes to the different possibilities within the industry. It made me realise that surgery wasn’t the only option. I loved the practical part of it, where on the first day we learned how to suture a banana. My first try was a little messy, but my second was much better and increased my interest in the career. I would really recommend this programme to students wanting to study medicine because it gives you a good insight into what it’s like and if the career suits. It also helps you with the application process, so you are prepared for the future.


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