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June 22nd 2021

Year 2 learn jive routine from Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse

Over the past week, Year 2 have been non-stop in their approach to learning and creativity. 

Not only did they complete their focus on telling the time in Maths, they also talked about good secrets and worry secrets in PSHEe lessons. They celebrated a surprise birthday for Jigsaw Jo, which they all agreed was a good secret to keep. The girls then talked about worry secrets and importance of talking when they feel uncomfortable or scared.

In Art, the girls made the most of the space in the Art room and started using poster paints and thick brushes to make huge, splashy impressionistic paintings inspired by Claude Monet. They also used Father's Day inspiration to create special gifts for their dads. 

For a special treat, the girls also had a blast jiving to Taylor's Swift's 'Shake it Off' with Oti Mabuse from 'Strictly Come Dancing'. They really enjoyed learning the new steps and they can't wait to do it again.

For more news about Year 2, please visit the Firefly page. 

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