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February 23rd 2021

#BlackheathHighBakeOff intensifies with pancakes and biscuits

Working with our fantastic caterers at Accent, we have launched the #BlackheathHighBakeOff competition.

Each fortnight sees a new challenge, which began with bread. For this second challenge, we gave the girls pancakes for over Half Term. 

You can see below the amazing and creative entries and they all look incredibly delicious. It was hard to choose who would win, but we decided that the winner of the pancake challenge is Trisha with her healthy savoury pancakes. Well done! 


From 22 February 2021, we introduced the next fortnightly topic of biscuits and after going through the wonderful entries (that you can see in our gallery below), we decided our winner is Betty for her jam biscuits. 


A very well done for everyone who has entered so far!  

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