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February 12th 2021

Blackheath spy of the year selected in our Languages Week

Blackheath High Students had the chance to be spies for the last week before half term. We had wonderfully creative outfits and videos and many missions completed, which will make our work even harder when selecting the Spy of the Year, in each year group!

What has been fascinating, is the cooperation we all have witnessed in breakout rooms. Pupils were listening to one another, taking interest in answering the questions, offering suggestions, decoding, looking for translations or using their flair! It has been a great team effort!

We hope the students enjoyed being challenged with unknown languages and enjoyed putting questions to a real GCHQ Analyst. This week was all about awareness and what MFL can offer you: language skills, curiosity, open-mindedness and risk taking. A mixture of what is waiting for us out there, when travelling will be again allowed!

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