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June 18th 2020

Sienna wins the GDST Anne Hogg Prize in Modern Foreign Languages

We are extremely proud of Sienna who recently won the GDST Anne Hogg prize in modern foreign languages.

Sienna started learning languages in Prep school at Blackheath. After joining Blackheath High School, she continued her language studies, like her elder sister Natasha in Year 13. After showing her excellence in both Spanish and French, the Modern Foreign Languages team put her forward for the award.

The prize was established with the generous support of Dr Anne Hogg, a former Chairman of the GDST and a linguist with a keen interest in Hispanic languages. It recognises the work of pupils in Year 10, who are taking two or more modern foreign languages. 

One of the criteria to be met in order to be entered for the prize is the student’s oral competence in both languages. 

A huge congratulations to Sienna for her incredible achievement.


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