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May 21st 2020

Head Girl Team Blog: Thank You and Good Bye


I am so sorry that the Sixth Form Head Girl Team have to leave the whole school this year without a final assembly!

We attempted to deliver our goodbyes in the form of an email during the Easter Holiday but I entirely understand that the effect could not have been the same. I hope that all of you - students, teachers and families - are safe and well (and hopefully not too bored either?).

Thank you all for a brilliant time being Head Girl. It's been busy at times, with speech and article-writing and various events to attend, but this has not stopped it from being both enjoyable and rewarding. To those from Years 7 to 11 who are interested, I can recommend the experience of being Head Girl or holding any other position on the team - and to Saffron and her team: good luck and enjoy! Stay safe, take care and have a lovely summer.

- Ingrid, Head Girl 2019-2020


Due to Coronavirus we weren’t able to say our final goodbyes at the end of term. This past year has been so amazing, and I have been extremely lucky being Deputy Head Girl in this school. I can’t thank the Head Girl Team enough for making this an incredible experience. I have been at this school since Year 7 and have loved every bit of it and that’s thanks to all the incredible teachers and my classmates. I hope everyone is using their time wisely whilst in lockdown and staying safe. Goodbye and thank you for everything.

- Olivia, Deputy Head Girl 2019-2020 


Being part of Blackheath High School since Year 7 has taught me to grow into a better person, to which everything I have learned here I will carry forward in the next chapter of my life. Having the opportunity to be part of the Head Girl Team was an amazing experience in which I will never forget. Even if we could not say a proper goodbye, I have made many amazing memories with the school, and I will cherish them forever. I would finally just like to thank everyone in Blackheath for the incredible support I've had throughout the years.

- Apple, Deputy Head Girl 2019-2020


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is well (or as well as you can be in these funky circumstances).

It’s been such a privilege being your Senior Prefect for the past year, and I can truly say I’m really going to miss Blackheath High School. Having been here since I was 3 it will be strange not to be able to go to another sports day or assembly, but I’ll never forget the memories I made here. I hope everyone stays happy and healthy, and don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me that easily, I’ll be back soon, but bye for now :)

- Natasha, Senior Prefect 2019-2020


I have truly enjoyed every single moment of being in the Head Girl Team.

It has enabled me to grow in confidence and I loved working with all the members of my team. As there is a highly likely chance that I won’t see most of you again, I would like to wish everyone all the success for your future. I will certainly miss Blackheath High School as it has taught me so many valuable lessons but hopefully, I can continue to use all these skills to help me in the real world.

I am glad that I have had the opportunity to contribute to the school in this way.  I am sure the new Head Girl Team will be amazing. 

- Subee, Senior Prefect 2019-2020


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