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March 17th 2020

Incredible STEAM week experiences for KS2

For Steam week, KS2 used VR headset to bring their learning to life. 

The Year 3s from Junior School had a really enjoyable look at what life was like in Stone Age times. The use of VR brought this historical period to life and the girls really felt like they had travelled back in time. They were able to visit a Stone Age village, the inside of a home and finished off with a visit to Stonehenge. 

‘We all thought it was amazing and we all agreed we would like the opportunity to use virtual reality to visit more places’ 

In contrast, Year 4 followed the path of some raspberries through the digestive system to visit the different organs that are involved in this vital process. During the journey through the human body, they learnt key vocabulary and facts whilst experiencing a 360 degree view of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestines. The children were in awe of what they saw and the the experience bought this topic to life.


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