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March 5th 2020

Making recyclable bunting in STEAM Club

In STEAM club this week, the girls worked on bringing their bunting designs to life. With a particular audience and theme in mind, the girls collected various recyclable materials over the last two weeks. Some of items the girls collected were patterned plastic bags, yoghurt pots, egg boxes, netting, artificial plants and even jeans!

The bunting creations are 100% recyclable and a fun way to reuse any unwanted materials.

Here are a few words from Maria and Rebecca in year 7 about their designs:

“Our project in STEAM club was to make bunting from used materials. This shows us that we can be artistic and environmentally aware at the same time. Our first step was to create a target market that our bunting would appeal to most. We chose elderly people. We had to think about their interests: this included gardening, home cooking, comfort and cross words. After envisioning our creations with our gathered materials, we set to work. The objects collected were stuck onto the bunting. This was a really thrilling process, we could see our ideas forming and coming to life.”

At STEAM club, our pledge this year is to only use recyclable materials in our projects. We hope to show there is still a lot to be done with the resources around us!


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