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February 11th 2020

Focussing inward during Wellbeing Week at Blackheath High School

As part of Wellbeing Week here at Blackheath High School, a couple of special events were put together to help encourage our girls to look inward and focus on their own (and other's) wellbeing.

Wollstonecraft Chill Zone

The Peer Mentors organised and invited different year groups to the Wollstonecraft Chill Zone, during Wellbeing Week.

Students were asked to just bring themselves to the space where they relaxed, chatted, had a bounce on the yoga ball and took in the ambience! The idea was to create a space for our young people to relax and chat about things that are not school-related, but to focus on themselves and their hobbies.

Peer Mentors training session

Ms Taylor and Ms Beecham ran training sessions for the peer mentors based on the Girls Onboard scheme and empathy.

The idea behind the training was to advice mentors about how to deal with difficult problems but also to be able to provide them with the skills to encourage balance between school and social life.


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