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January 31st 2020

Great interactivity at our Classics for Kids concert

Our debut ‘Classics for Kids’ concert took place on Wednesday 22 January in the Wollstonecraft Room with an audience of 30 babies and pre-school children, accompanied by their parents and carers. 

We wanted to challenge our Music scholars this year with performing in an interactive concert – and who could be a tougher audience than unpredictable 0-5 year olds? Our Music Scholars proudly rose to the challenge engaging the children whilst also performing!.

We had smiles and gurgles from the babies whilst the pre-schoolers energetically had a go at playing the violin and cello and got to feel what horse hair on a violin bow really feels like. The concert culminated in everyone accompanying the Higgins Quartet with egg shakers as they played Libertango. 

A room full of babies and toddlers all playing shakers is a memorable experience and one we hope to re-create in our newly established concert series. 

A big thank you must go to Maddie, Amy, Liv, Miriam, Severine, Pascale, Anna and Natasha who willingly embraced my ideas and did a tremendous job performing, entertaining and being true ambassadors for Blackheath High School.


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