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December 10th 2019

Year 6 make professional decorations with a laser cutter

Last year the BHSA kindly donated a laser cutter to the Junior School. Once again this has allowed Year 6 pupils to design and make professionally finished decorations for sale at the Christmas Fair.

Students used 2D Design – a CAD/CAM program – to accurately draw up their hand drawn designs before exporting them to be manufactured. The beauty of this system is that designs may be replicated time and time again once perfected. Students at Seniors use this program all the way through to full A Level to realise their designs. It’s great to see such young students using such sophisticated technology in preparation for similar projects further up the GDST.

Special mention should go to Gracie, Annabel, Millie, Ruth and Rosalia for their outstanding Design work, although all students made remarkable progress using a system that they had never used before. Well done.

Watch this space for pictures of the finished products!

There is also promise of a “5th Plinth” project which would reference the Fourth Plinth of Trafalgar Square and be a mini version of the same in the Junior School Main Hall. To be continued…



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