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November 29

Making fudge in STEAM Club

In recent STEAM Club activities, the girls learned simple chemical reactions whilst making delicious fudge.

We started by melting 510g of chocolate (milk, dark or white) then slowly adding 400g of condensed milk whilst stirring. This ensured for a creamy, fudge-y texture. Finally, we added crushed Oreos, M&Ms, smarties, etc. to add a bit of character. After that, the fudges were left in baking trays for 2-4 hours to set. 

All types of fudge are a crystalline candy, meaning that we want crystals to form in our syrup. In fudge though we need to vigorously control the crystal formation process to ensure we get the wonderful, creamy texture we know and love in our fudge. The condensed milk allows us to make sure that the fudge has a smooth consistency. 

The girls enjoyed creating the simple chemical reactions needed to make fudge and taste-testing them for perfection too!


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