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November 22nd 2019

Computational thinking and problem solving at Alton Towers

Recently, 30 girls from Year 8 - Year 13 were given the opportunity to go on an amazing trip to Alton Towers, Staffordshire.

On the first day we were given fast passes for four of the best rides: Oblivion, Nemisis, Galactica and Th13teen.

Obviously most of us went on all of the rides, but some of us were a bit scared, and had the time of our lives with most of our friends. At the end of the first day we got back to the hotel at about 8:30pm and left for Nando’s at 9:00pm. We all enjoyed Nando’s very much and we ended up getting back at 10:00pm.

On the second day we got to go to the park again and stay till 10.00pm. At 12:00pm we had a Computing escape room organised by Staffordshire University, which was a competition to see who could finish first. It was really fun and we had to figure out who killed the detective using lots of computational thinking and problem solving. Then we went in deepest depths, which was a scary maze, and the Alton Towers Dungeons. One of the groups finished the dungeons early and so they went on Hex and met the other groups for dinner at a pizza buffet.

On the last day we went to the water park before getting on the bus back to school. The water park had lots of slides and even one that goes outside! We left the water park at 2.00pm and boarded the coach. It was about a 5 hour journey home but stopped at a service station to get lunch. Most of us befriended the Year 10s and had a great conversation on the way back. Everyone had screamed so much on the rides that we had some Strepsils! Everyone felt much better afterwards. Once we got back to school everyone was exhausted but sad as we had such a good time.

Overall it was an amazing trip and we really recommend it for the further years. The trip really brought us together with the older years and the younger years. 



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