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November 19th 2019

Sixth Form Blog: Fashion and Textiles is special at Blackheath High School

Lily, from our Sixth Form, tells us about Textiles at Blackheath High School.

Textiles is an enormously popular subject at Blackheath High School, largely a consequence of alumna Mary Quant.

Designing and making in a school with such a rich history in the arts has enabled myself and many other students to discover their love of fashion and design. After studying Art at GCSE, my decision to carry this through to A level was confirmed as a result of taking part in multiple annual fashion shows. The fashion show is an event loved by all students as anyone is welcome to participate whether they are making, designing, modelling or helping out with the tech and lighting. As we near the new year and therefore the fashion show, girls (including myself) are beginning to consider garments and collections to present in February.

Although Textiles isn’t offered until A level, Art classes in the lower years also have the opportunity to explore the use of fabric and pattern. At GCSE girls make a garment which they will model in a Year 11 catwalk. Collections made by Year 12 and 13 often include models from younger years giving them the opportunity to work alongside girls from different year groups which everyone enjoys thoroughly. Fashion society lead by Sixth Form pupils allows girls from lower years to make garments for a catwalk in the fashion show, another way in which a passion for fashion design has connected year groups across the school.

From Year 7-9 our Art lessons include a plethora of different styles of Art giving pupils scope to explore fabric manipulation and stitch without the focus on fashion design. With the opening of the new build in 2018, the Art department have gained three new work spaces for student to use in their lessons and free time. With these have come new machinery and equipment we can utilise to further the exploration of shape and texture, such as the Kiln and a new heat press.

With these facilities and passionate teachers it is no wonder students are enjoy the lessons and events so significantly.

Written by Lily, Sixth Form


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