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November 15th 2019

Year 6 visit V&A for the Mary Quant Exhibition

On Monday 7 October, Year 6 went on an exciting trip to the V&A.

As we stepped off the bus, we saw the grand entrance to the Museum. Encrusted in statues, it was an amazing sight. The interior was no less impressive than the outside, with a glass chandelier suspended from the ceiling. We walked through a hall of majestic statues before ending up in the school area, where we left our bags. After that, we went into a clothes designing workshop led by Juliana. We had 50 minutes to make a Mary Quant style outfit and lots of us used spots, stripes, checks and daisies which featured heavily in Quant’s designs. After our stimulating workshop, we ate a filling lunch of sandwiches, fruit, and crackers.

After lunch, we went to see an intriguing exhibition about Mary Quant. Her designs included: a set of raincoats; a tartan dress; a checked coat; and a homemade knitted dress. There were also some toys called Daisy dolls who wore miniature versions of Mary’s clothes. We all posed by a big daisy symbol (the emblem of Mary Quant), and took a picture. As we emerged from the exhibition, we proceeded back to the coach, which transported us back to Blackheath High School. It had been an amazing day, and we all arrived home tired, but happy.


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