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July 8

Celebrating Blackheath High School sporting success

This year was our second Annual Sports Awards dinner and we welcomed 120 guests to celebrate some of the sporting success that we have seen throughout the year.

We were privileged to have had Hollie Pearne-Webb, MBE and Olympic Gold medallist attend as our guest speaker and present the awards. She was very inspiring and it was a very special occasion for the girls.

54 awards were presented on the evening for students ranging from Year 5 through to Year 13. Lacey, a Year 13 leaver, also spoke beautifully about her time her at Blackheath and how important the impact of sports and being a part of a team has been for her.

I hope the main principle everyone could take away from the evening is that it is important to celebrate your successes, regardless of how small they may seem to you. Feel proud of yourself and feel the pride that others feel towards you. Sometimes it is only the end result that people see rather than all of the hard work that goes into it so taking the time to say well done is important.

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Written by Miss H Morrell


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