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July 8th 2019

A thrilling PGL experience for Year 5

When we all heard about PGL we were excited, but worried we'd miss our family, but when the moment came and our coach arrived we were all buzzing with excitement. 

On arrival we met with our PGL leader Emma, she was great and looked after us all week. Before we knew it we were straight into our first activity. After the first day our worries were behind us and we were determined to face our fears head on. PGL in Liddington was a thrilling experience, one that we certainly won’t forget.  We really had to draw on our reserves of resilience however, as we had lots and lots of rain!! But... we are Blackheath High School girls and we know not to let the English weather get the better of us! 

Every day was packed with fun. We had four exciting activities during the day followed by fun events in the evening; with a fab disco on the Thursday. At the end of the day, we had time to relax in our dorms and enjoy chatting in each other’s rooms until it was time for quiet time then sleep. The dining hall was big and we were treated to an array of delicious meals.

Everybody had a go at all of the activities. The most popular were mountain biking, the treetop trail and the giant swing. Mountain biking was a lesson of skills, endurance and confidence. We were taught how to check our bikes and then we went riding all over the spectacular site. The treetop trail was a challenging aerial adventure, where we needed balance to share our weight equally between the two sides of each obstacle, but don’t worry, it might sound scary but everyone had a harness and the instructors were always attached to you, so if you did slip off you just hung in the air and relaxed, it was fine. By the last day we weren't scared of anything. 

It was sad to say goodbye and we did miss all the instructors and our new friends but we were looking forward to seeing our families again after five fun days at PGL. The whole week from start to finish was simply inspiring, exhilarating and a wonderful experience.



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