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July 2nd 2019

Year 9 Maths students visit Greenwich University

On Wednesday 26 June, Year 9 went on a maths trip to Greenwich University. We had a lot of fun, watching two lectures each, learning maths in a fun environment and also walking on custard!

People watched lectures on the Maths of Juggling, Weird Deaths of Mathematicians, Calculating if we were nice or nasty and Crowd Modelling, among others. Personally our favourite part was the second lecture we attended run by Takita Barlett, which was all about fashion and how maths is relevant to style and fashion. We got to control a robot using code, where we had to give her commands to put on a jacket.

Our other favourite lecture we attended was ‘Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians’ by Ioanna Georgiou. In this lecture we learnt about lots of famous mathematicians and all the mysterious ways in which they died. In the end we had to guess which death she made up and it turned out that there was even a famous mathematician who was a murderer!

We really enjoyed the experience of the whole day, and it gave us a good insight in how maths can be used in everyday life. It taught us that although we may not think maths is used in everything, it actually is used in everything, from food to banking. Also, there are a lot of different, fun, intriguing mathematical puzzles you can do for the fun of it! Overall we have really enjoyed this school trip, from the fun maths games to the interesting lectures, we have all learnt a lot!



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